Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Helicopter Simulator Controls and only that!

I felt there was a need for a helicopter controls only webpage. A place where you'll only find that, and nothing else. There is so many possibilities today. Be that you are buying the ready goods or making them your self. Or maybe you are looking for great ideas about how you can start making them yourself.

Also I would like to explain a bit about how the controls are connected and work both for simulators and for real world aircrafts.

As anything else, money plays a role in what you'll get. Materials, type, looks, function, space required, feedback/force feedback, wiring, expansion possibilities and so on.

I also got some fantastic news about the Simcontrol modular system. Which is a system designed by setting up different systems together. The price is not to bad, you can get it all at once or buy piece by piece. Even change to more sophisticated add ons later. The news is that these controls will be back on the marked in the beginning of 2010. YES! Because they rock.

I'll be back later with pictures, updates and news. Both on the "home made marked" and in shops.

Helicopter Controls for Simulators are to give you the flight control juice!